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New Disney Shirts

I love t-shirts, but I usually go for plain ones. Now your life is complete knowing what I like to wear…

More vintage park shirts please.

I love retro Disney park shirts. Coffee mugs are my fav souvenir, but I love a good 70’s style shirt. And Disney has been sorely lacking in these during past visits, until now!

A new crop of shirts are in and I dig ’em. I had a vintage Disneyland shirt from our LA trip last year. It lasted one wash before it fell apart. I chalked it up to one goof in the carload, I didn’t call Disney and raise a fuss. But I have. So don’t try anything funny Disney park merchandise retailer 😉

Anyway, go to the Disney Store online and check these out. Buy some.

Maybe Santa will bring one of these soon?


Comments on: "New Disney Shirts" (2)

  1. John Cropp said:

    I like the new shirts, though I would prefer that Disney dropped the Scorcerer’s hat as the Studios logo and go back to the Earful Tower!

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