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Disney Posters

4 Disney park posters I designed for kicks and giggles. Don’t steal ’em. I have excellent Karma. Trust me.

I would love to hear what you think of these, good, bad or otherwise. And please share the link with friends. Maybe someone at Disney needs some park poster design work?


Comments on: "Disney Posters" (19)

  1. John Nisbet said:

    T-SHIRTS! With the tagline moved up a bit, these would all look great on my chest.

  2. Seen on boingboing!

    And teeshirts would totally be the shizz. I’d love one. (Do the kids say shizz anymore?)

    • Thanks Adam. I work at a University, and think the term these days is ‘sick’ but I like shizz.

      • =) They apparently say ‘flossin’ now days too. I heard that one a few weeks ago.

        If you’re considering shirts, you might take a look at zazzle. They do shirts for Hyperbole and a Half (one of my favorite blogs) and are great quality. Much nicer than cafepress and the like.

  3. The Haunted Mansion one is my favorite.

  4. Love them. Kind of in the same vein as the “Criterion Collection” DVD Box / Penguin Book Cover sets I’ve seen in the past couple of years. It takes some skill to reduce something huge to a single image.

    Design-wise, I’d reconsider the font of the text at the bottom though, it looks tacked on. Something thicker or a less common font, (or perhaps a divider to define the area better).

    Please make more!

  5. I love these things. Just one caveat: the subtitle/tagline should be a serif font.

  6. I love these! I would totally wear these if they were t-shirts or hoodies with the tagline on one side and the image on the other.

  7. Put me down in the “I’d buy t-shirts of these designs” camp. Seriously nice job. Just discovered your blog because of this post (saw it on reddit), will be following along from now on!

  8. These are great! Add me to a tshirt or 5.

  9. How Bowers said:

    I think these are a nice start, but you can take them much, much farther. If I may be so bold as to provide you some criticism as both a professional art director and frequent visitor to the Magic Kingdom…

    1) While the icons you’ve chosen for each attraction clearly identify them, they don’t embody the spirit of the attraction at all. The Jungle Crusie isn’t just about the boat — the joy of the ride is from the Skipper interacting with the animals. Consider keeping your boat as is and add the skipper pointing his pistol at a hippo emerging from the water. Let your icon tell a story.

    The ’70s era guidebooks had wonderful little illustrations for each attraction that served the same function. Take a look at them — I think you’ll find them very inspiring. http://www.vintagedisneylandtickets.com/images/Walt%20Disney%20Word%20Guide%20Book%201973.pdf

    2) I agree with Chris K on the type choices. If you’re trying to make a statement that you’re doing something new and different from what Disney would do today, then pick some faces that are very different from what’s typically used today.

  10. I’ve got two more taglines: for the Matterhorn: Permanecen sentados, por favor. And for Peter Pan: C’mon everybody, here we gooooooooo!

  11. I’d love a mousepad like one of these.

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