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Stranger Tides breakdown

Yup. I’ma POTC fan. Yes, ‘At Worlds End’ was not how you say ‘good.’ But had it’s moments. A few. Jack’s dad anyone? But I digress…

The new POTC trailer was released this week. It’s been panned by some. I’m not sure a director who’s specialty is huge dance numbers was the best choice, but when we heard Verbinski was directing the Black Pearl 8 years ago, no one was on board either. But look how that turned out. Awesome…

Here are some screen grabs from the new trailer with my usual pithy commentary. Thoughts? I know you haz them. Sharez them with us. Please.

Bow of the 'Queen's Revenge' which is a great name for a ship.

Barbossa. I know he's working for England in this one, but I really miss the hat.

Remember the hubbub over the Summer about the 'book' and how Richards wouldn't be in this. Silly rabbits...

So, the 'X' on Jack's face is another pirate mark like the 'P' branded on his arm? Ideas? Thoughts?

Someone's peg leg. The trailer leads you to believe that it's Barbossa's. It's a nice pirate touch.

The only shot of the mermaid's tails I could find. Very long and graceful. Be nice to see a proper mermaid on screen for once.

Pirate zombie. Digging the sewn mouth.

Ian McShane. Blackbeard. All around bada$$.

ummm wow. That's a lot of skulls. More bada$$ness.

Sam Claflin as 'Phillip,' or 'Will Turner Lite' if you prefer.

A pissed off mermaid. A propose did this to me once when I was offshore fishing.

Appears that someone's pirate ship has flame throwers.

A captured mermaid. Maybe she knows the way to the Fountain?


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