Disney. Pictures. Stuff. And so on…

The Disney Garden?

No, this is not the First Lady’s newest campaign, though I’ll go on record as saying I’m 100% behind her. Kid’s food now is abysmal, I mean have you eaten in your child’s lunchroom lately? It’s ugggg.

(actual school lunch) How many of us ate this same exact thing when we were young? Of course, our pizza was square...'Pi(r)squared? No silly, Pie are round.'

But I digress…

These were taken at our local Wal-Mart. I have to say I never thought about buying Disney flower and tomato seeds. But Disney will try anything once. Can I dare to hope to be able to purchase one of those Mickey-ear pumpkin growers in the future, cause that’d be awesome.

I'll take 2 please. And one for watermelons. mmmmmm, watermelons..... For those that don't know, this is one of Disney's hydroponic farms located in EPCOT.

Disney grows a fair amount of its own food. Learn more by clicking the pic.

Nothing says tomatoes like a smiling car? I'm not too sure about this. You?

Here’s an interesting link, albeit a few years old, about food and Walt Disney World.

See Ya Real Soon!


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