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Disney Valentine

Dear readers,

This year’s Valentines Day will be spent at the Happiest Place on Earth!

OK, I'll actually be at DHS on Valentines Day, but you get the idea...

I’ll gather some photos, ideas for new posts, general awesomeness and do a lot of hugging on my bride.

This is all to say the blog will be slow next week. I’m sure most of you won’t notice, but I like to let people know what’s what.

As I ready myself for a short break, I wanted to note that these past few weeks have been fantastic! I got picked up on Boing Boing, got over 20,000 hits and lot of ego boosting. I’d like to thank all the blogs and Tumblrs that posted my posters, including:

Lounge of Tomorrow

Chad Savage

Love All This


Single Measures

Please take some time to look around this blogs, there’s some beautiful work and thought out there.

And thanks to everyone who’s downloaded my iPhone wallpapers from Flickr. Please let me know if you’ve put one on your phone, I’d love to see a photo of it if you can.

So, you know, in this season of love, I’m sharing the love. There are some good friends, old, new and newest, that have helped me and given kind words:

Vacation Field Guides

Gary Hasty at WDWDaddy

Chas at Parenthetical Views

Meet the Magic

The Disney Dispatch

The Magical


Brittany at Pretty Well Dressed



See Ya Real Soon!


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