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New Mickey Ears!!!

Ok, the headline is a little deciving, these are NOT new mickey ears found in the parks, but rather in my head.

During our last visit, I noticed how many Mickey Ear hats had little, tiny hats on top like a top hat, mortar board, Sorcerer’s hat and so on. So, the family and I were talking on our last day and I said, ‘wouldn’t it be funny to have a set of ears with another little set of ears on top.’ And my bride said, ‘why don’t you make some?’ So I did.

Disney designers, take notice!! And please call if you’re interested 😉


Comments on: "New Mickey Ears!!!" (4)

  1. Who’s gonna buy the cow, Chris, when you keep giving away such great milk for free?

  2. remember where you saw it first

  3. […] You can check out my take on Mickey Ears here and here […]

  4. […] Disney Park merchandise. I even caught the eye of the Disney Store President on Twitter with my Mickey Ears idea. But this is the first time someone in the organization actively picked me. For that I am […]

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