Disney. Pictures. Stuff. And so on…

In an announcement early this morning that caught most insiders, investors and cast members by surprise, Disney and Lucasfilm announced that one of the new Star Tours experiences will center around none other than Captain EO!

“We’re very excited to finally be able to tell the public about this,” a source inside Lucasfilm said. “Those of us that have been here since the 80’s have always thought Captain EO was GL’s best work. And after the overwhelming positive response at Walt Disney World and Disneyland to the Captain’s return, we all knew that adding him and his crew to the Star Wars Universe was the right thing to do.”

Details were not announced other than Captain EO’s robotic security officer and one-man band, Major Domo, would be the pilot. The new version of Star Tours, dubbed Star Tours 2.0 by many, has long been expected to have several travel destinations including Tatooine, Endor and Alderaan as well as a run in with the Deathstar and Boba Fett. Major Domo will again be voiced be Gary DePew, as he did in the original 3D film in 1986.

Captain EO's robot security officer Major Domo will pilot guests into the world first shown in 'Captain EO' in 1986.

Of course, most speculation centered around Captain EO himself, Michael Jackson. “We’re using original footage, rehearsals, outtakes and even some concert film to bring Jackson back into the role he made famous. Computer technology allows us to create an environment where Jackson will live and breathe as the heroic Captain once again,” my source says. “Captain EO is back to save the Universe once again. With Dance!”

Look for an official announcement from the Mouse soon.

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