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Disney Comic-Con Cosplay

Some Disney and Disney related costumes from this year’s Comic-con, including Star Wars (sans Slave Leahs. Even I’m tired of that) Indiana Jones and Howl’s Moving Castle.











July 27 Daily Disney

Hi friends. It’s been a long since I’ve posted due to silly things like work, my Mac failing, travel and everyday life. But I’ve gathered some interesting items over the past weeks, so let’s dive in.

On another note, when my computer failed, I lost all my bookmarks, so I’m not sure where most of the items came from. But if you really want to know where to find something, let me know. I’ll do what I can to track down the source for you.

This table was made for the Disney Channel offices. Note Donald’s feet behind it.

Cupcakes from @mteexox on Twitter. Check out her blog here.

A magnificent cubist R2-D2 by Tommervik. Check out more here

Some Disney mashups below:




This next set I found in Devantart. They are absolutely beautiful:




And finally, some Disney tattoos:






Space-Age Disney Design

Source: The Hardyman Files

NPR has a story today about Space-Age design in honor of the Space Shuttle’s last mission. Point being that this really is the end of an era in America (I’ve got dope rhymes), not only are the Shuttles being retired, but America’s fascination with space exploration is waning. There was a time in the late 50’s and early 60’s when space was not only the final frontier, it was the awesome lunchbox, car, coffee shop and amusement park frontier as well.

I love lunchboxes.

The story references Walt Disney’s love of space and how he funneled that love into the design of Disneyland using southern California aerospace engineers. For people who don’t know, aerospace is HUGE in SoCal. During my time there, I met people who worked on the SR-71, the Shuttle and the Stealth Bomber. I had friends whose family were involved in the Apollo and Gemini programs and what I alway assumed were the future Mars missions. Point being, Angelenos know their space stuff. Disney took that design expertise as well as the love of the aesthetic and grew what is now Tomorrowland from California farm land.

Using far out materials like plastics, foam and aluminum, Disney crafted a vision of the future, knowing even then that corporations and commerce would be built into the system in a way that becomes part of your every day routine. It stood as a white, clean, gleaming peek into what our future could become, full of hope, promise, a sensible allocation of resources and much like Gene Roddenberry, a way for all to live peacefully together.


Sadly, that vision has been replaced with an odd mix of Jules Verne, Steampunk, CGI and Las Vegas. The giant rock forms in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World at the entrance to Tomorrowland remind me more of a Mission to Mars, which oddly enough doesn’t exist anymore, then a stroll into a better tomorrow.



Have a listen to today’s NPR story. There’s even a soundbite of Disney talking about a day when Shuttle missions would become a daily event, much like driving to work. I miss that American optimism. Disney was as optimistic as anyone during that age. And for that, I thank him.

Funny Disney Ride Photos

Some funny Disney ride photos for today. All from The Chive.




Yup, that’s The Rock on Splash Mountain. Note that you can see both of the People’s Elbows 😉

Hot Topic has some nice Disney merch you can’t find anywhere else. Plus they have large sizes like 2X and 3X. Shown here some Mickey sunglasses and a Monsters, Inc. Mike as movie monster t-shirt. Enjoy.



And finally, Buzz and Woody as real action figures. From Cartoon Brew



New Daily Disney

As a wise man once said, I’m back from vacation tan and well rested, let’s get this party started.


The above photo is from the 1970s featuring DC super heroes water skiing at Sea World in Florida. This has been circulating online for a few days. When I saw it, I realized I remembered seeing ads for this somewhere and wanting to go soooooo bad. Cause nothing says comic book like trick water skiing!



Some new Disney tattoos from Tumblr.


And lastly, an ‘Up’ haunted house. I dig the ghost balloons. From Threadless.

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