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No, this is not her, I just like it. Thanks to JeffChristiansen on Flickr

My next interview came from asking around the UGA campus for faculty, staff or students who currently work for, or have worked in the past, for Disney. I was pleasantly surprised at the number that turned up, including at least 3 in my college alone. Today, I’m featuring someone with a special Disney tie-in to the Christmas Season, one I’d love to see someday. Emily is a current Disney cast member, and while not a full-fledged Bulldawg, has spent some time in our fair city. I can’t thank her enough for answering a dozen emails and being so helpful and pleasant. I’ll say that Disney is lucky to have her! Enjoy…

Tell us about yourself

My name is Emily L. Lloyd, I’m 22 and I’m from Cartersville, GA (Ed’s Note: I went to high school in Dalton just up I-75 from Cartersville, as did many of you kind readers. It is indeed a small world).

Shall I sing it, or would you like to?)

What’s your favorite Disney park

Magic Kingdom or EPCOT

What’s your favorite Disney ride

I love the blue transport cars in Tomorrowland. (Ed’s note: The Tomorrowland Transit Authority, an attraction in operation since 1975, was originally referred to as the ‘People Mover.’ During the Tomorrowland refurb in the 1990’s, the ride was renamed. We’re not really sure why. But, earlier this year, the “Super Skyway” was renamed BACK to “People Mover.”  See, Disney does listen to fans. 🙂

No, the People Mover does not go this fast. But this is an awfully cool shot. Thanks to Express Monorail on Flickr. You should really check him out, his photos are some of the best I’ve seen.

What’s your favorite Disney food or treat

Mickey Mouse Ear Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Treats!!!!! (Ed’s Note: Is there anyone who doesn’t love these?)

Do you have a favorite Disney souvenir: My half-marathon medals (read more about the Half Marathon here)

Photo courtesy of Lee Harrison - for more awesome photos and videos, please check out Lee’s website: http://www.lunalee.com/Luna_Lee_Photography/Welcome.html

What’s your favorite Disney movie

Mary Poppins

How long have you worked at Disney

Almost 3 years! I auditioned for a college program in 2007 and was offered Entertainment for Spring Advantage 2008 (Spring-Summer).

Which park or unit do you work in

I’m global.

Tell us a little about what you do

I was formerly in Entertainment, Shows and Parades. Now, I’m on a temporary assignment (TA) with Magic Music Days and the Candlelight Processional. I work with the guest choirs on a daily basis. We do 3 shows a night: 300 guest choir members, 75 cast choir members, a full orchestra, the Voices of Liberty, and a guest Celebrity Narrator every night.  There are 2 sets of choir members, so we have 600 in rotation each day. I stood next to John O’Hurley backstage tonight.

John O’Hurly. IMDb lists over 100 acting and voice-over roles for O’Hurly. In addition, he’s a financier and investor as well, he is a principal partner for Round One Investments in Los Angeles and Heritage Capital Advisors in Atlanta.

Have you had the chance to meet other celebrities in the parks

Yes, I met Tommy Hilfiger and his guests in 2008.

Do you live in Orlando

I lived in College Program Housing at Chatham for Spring 2008 and 2010. I currently live in Winter Garden, about 9 miles from the Magic Kingdom. (Ed’s Note: How awesome would that be? Later, I’ll have an interview with someone from Orlando who went to the parks after school! Some people have all the luck)

Tell us your favorite memory of working there

Recognizing guests for a 2nd, or 3rd time by name.

Ever have a really bad day at Disney

Even on the bad days, I always come away with a fun story. Mostly bad days consist of extreme weather or rude people. (Ed’s Note: I’m seeing a trend with the bad weather equaling bad days working at Disney. I will say that they may not like it, but all the cast members I’ve interacted with, and heard about, are exceptional during bad weather. Again, Disney’s doing something right)

Tell us something funny that’s happened to you at the parks

I can’t think of anything specific, but I have been hit on by drunk people at EPCOT.

Apparently, EPCOT serves alcohol. Who knew?

Tell us something no one knows about Disney

We have an employee cafeteria called the Mouseketeria.

Tell is what you’ve learned from Disney

I appreciate the structure and efficiency in the workplace that Disney supplies.

Are you still in contact with Disney co-workers

Yes!  Even while I was back at school, my roommates and friends from my college program in 2008 would plan road trips; I still call them.

How did you share the Disney magic

Entertainment! (Wink)

Are you glad you worked there


Thanks to Whatnot on Flickr for the image

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