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Did you know you can make your own Muppet?

FAO Schwarz® – Muppet Whatnot Workshop – A Unique Muppet Experience.

New ‘Muppet’ movie piling on the cameos

The Disney acqusition of the Muppets was as inspired as the move with Pixar and Marvel, brands I dearly love. So, news of a new Muppet movie is good news indeed. And in keeping with past films, this one is full of pop-culture cameos, from Jack Black to Alan Arkin. One of the joys for adults of the pervious films was not the use of whatever celeb-du-jour was around, they picked artists who were important to the filmmakers. The first Muppet Movie alone included Charles Durning, Richard Pryor, Orson Wells, Bob Hope and Steve Martin, among others. Disney could easily load this flick with Disney Channel stars, but they seem to be leaving the filmmakers alone to produce a fitting homage to Mr. Henson as well as carrying the Muppets into this century for a new generation to enjoy.

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