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Monday Disney

We lead off with this year’s Stars Wars Weekends poster.

I don’t post a lot about new Vinylmations, but this new set is astounding. It’s the Vinylmations Bento Box, complete with ginger, wasabi and chopsticks. More here.

New Summer movie toys were previewed over the weekend, including Cars 2 and POTC. More here.

A LEGO Captain Jack from the LEGO Store in New York City.

Pirate Brands has introduced a line of products to tie-in with the new POTC movie. Proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

I stumbled onto these beautiful Disney shots on Flickr. More here.

Behind the Scenes of the first TMNT movie with Jim Henson. Henson’s workshop designed the animatronic heads.

Behind the Scenes on 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Hoth in your freezer. From The Chive.

From this week’s Post Secret.

And today’s Disney tattoo:

Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean

As reported here in 2010, LEGO video game producer Traveler’s Tales will release Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean to conincide with the 4th Pirates film later this year. New video was released this week.


UPDATE!!! LEGO To Launch Pirates Of The Caribbean Toys

According to the Wall Street Journal, LEGO will launch a POTC toy collection. I can only hope for a LEGO POTC video game soon!!!

Link. Paid subscription only


Ask and you get!!!!!

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