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Tuesday Daily Disney

Some very interesting Disney things floating in the ether this week. Enjoy.

Lids hats have some new Disney items to cheer on your favorite baseball team. With plenty of pink ones for those of you who like pink hats. I’m showing a Mets hat, though it pains me, as a kudo to my friend John Cropp, who might be the biggest Mets/Disney fan and former cast member I’ve ever known. Click here for the link.

IO9 posted an interesting piece about some of Disney’s stranger educational films. Check it out here.

More behind the scenes of Star Wars from The Chive. Warning, The Chive isn’t for everyone.

Thanks to my friend Julie McKillip for sharing this great muppet shirt design with me.

A short piece about Disney Character names here.


August 5 Daily Disney


Just back from our Nation’s Capitol for a few days, where I of course found some Disney love which I talked about here.

But I also ran across a few interesting items on the interwebs while I was gone. Ready? Here we go…

If you’ve ever enjoyed the Luau at the Polynesian resort you know how yummy the food is. Now, you can enjoy a little part at home by making this recipe of the salad dressing served at the meal. Click here for details.

Going on vacation with an infant can be trying, there are many things you may never even think of that you may take for granted at home. Something I’ve would never have thought of is where to breastfeed your child while at Disney. As a breastfeeding advocate, I was happy to run across this blog post with some good ideas for taking a break while in the parks to feed your child. Click here to have a look.

A friend posted this picture on Facebook of a sand Woody from her trip to Sea Pines Beach Club in Hilton Head, SC. Thanks Dree!


A fantastic piece of art showcasing two of our favorite Disney related swamp dwellers, Kermit and Yoda, by Peter De Seve. You can check more of his work here.


Some tattooed Disney Princess’ here by Tim Shumate. Link.



Here’s your Disney tattoos this week. Source here and here.




Wednesday Disney

Why, hello there Disney fans. When you have literally dozens of readers, like yours truly, you are expected to update your blog regulary. Alas, work intrudes, so the updates are fewer. But fear not! I’ve got two interviews I’m working on now, both are fabulous. Yeah, I said fabulous. That’s how I roll.

In the meantime, chew on some fresh Disney, and Disney-related, news, photos and awesomeness.

We kick things off with the new ‘Muppet Movie’ teaser poster. Thanks to Jim over at Jim Hill Media for the heads up.

Some news on the game front, Nintendo World Report reports seeing a new Disney MMPG title for the Wii called ‘Disney Universe’ on Amazon.com. I checked, and the link is gone from Amazon, but I trust the source, so you should too. Play as Tron or Stitch, I’m so there…

Before animatronics, vacuforming and high-res scanning devices, costumes were made using clothe, plastic and some serious hard work. However, there are many of you that remember when Disney park characters lacked a certain ‘I-don’t-know-what.’ Check ’em out here.

My friend Amy at athenienne.tumbler.com finds awesome stuff. Today, she found the above comic cover from the talented folks at Planet Pulp. I think I love the use of Presto DiGiotagione even more than seeing Flick. And please read her blog often. She seems to like Dr. Who…

Excellent Splash Mountain photobomb.

A week ago or so, I twitted about seeing an epic mullet walking to my car after work. Andrew Crawford, @all_or_nothing on Twitter, one-uped me and gave me a photo of the rare ‘Disney Mullet.’ Bask in its flat-top, pony tail glory…

No Disney tattoos this week, if you’ve got one, show me. But in honor of Star Tours 2.0 opening soon, here’s some Boba Fett goodness…

Did you know you can make your own Muppet?

FAO Schwarz® – Muppet Whatnot Workshop – A Unique Muppet Experience.

New ‘Muppet’ movie piling on the cameos

The Disney acqusition of the Muppets was as inspired as the move with Pixar and Marvel, brands I dearly love. So, news of a new Muppet movie is good news indeed. And in keeping with past films, this one is full of pop-culture cameos, from Jack Black to Alan Arkin. One of the joys for adults of the pervious films was not the use of whatever celeb-du-jour was around, they picked artists who were important to the filmmakers. The first Muppet Movie alone included Charles Durning, Richard Pryor, Orson Wells, Bob Hope and Steve Martin, among others. Disney could easily load this flick with Disney Channel stars, but they seem to be leaving the filmmakers alone to produce a fitting homage to Mr. Henson as well as carrying the Muppets into this century for a new generation to enjoy.

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