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Your ‘awwwwww’ photo of the day

Looks like Main Street to me, but I could be way off. I’m sure someone will let me know if I am 😉 My family and I have a soft spot for working dogs; my aunt, who was blind most of her life, had 2 different helpers, my wife helps those with disabilities find work and many have service animals. Plus, UGA, where I work, is a training campus for service dogs, students walk around with pups and teenaged dogs to get them used to crowds. Kudos to the administration for allowing this very important work.

Photo is from The Chive. Some content on The Chive may be considered offensive to some. Though clearly, they have a soft spot.

Did you know you can take your dog to Walt Disney World? Well, not in the parks, unless it’s a service dog, but they can stay at the super swanky Best Friends Resort! And you can visit them during the day if you wish. Check ’em out.

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