Disney. Pictures. Stuff. And so on…


Dad. Husband. Disney fan. Cake lover. I Facebook. A lot. I have tattoos. I play music. Sometimes I get paid. I do graphic art-type things at my day job. I like comfy clothes. Tell me about you…

Comments on: "About" (6)

  1. You’ve put together a really nice blog here. I’m quite envious, not to mention chastened that I am not doing any bloggin’ myself.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. How cool are you? Super-Magical-Disney-Blogger-Extra-Cool! Love you.

  3. I’ve added your blog to the Disney Bloggers Collection (http://disneybloggers.blogspot.com/). You are number 339.

  4. Where has this blog BEEN ALL MY LIFE??? I’m a graphic designer & Disney fan too…. I will for sure be checking in often. Cheers!

  5. I noticed you stopped. I would love to continue reading more of your blog.
    I have a forum and a blog. I am looking for contributors for the blog. Would you like to join?

    you can check out http://MickeysForum.com

    You can click on the Blog Icon to go to the blog. It’s WordPress platform so it’s familiar background.

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