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August 5 Daily Disney


Just back from our Nation’s Capitol for a few days, where I of course found some Disney love which I talked about here.

But I also ran across a few interesting items on the interwebs while I was gone. Ready? Here we go…

If you’ve ever enjoyed the Luau at the Polynesian resort you know how yummy the food is. Now, you can enjoy a little part at home by making this recipe of the salad dressing served at the meal. Click here for details.

Going on vacation with an infant can be trying, there are many things you may never even think of that you may take for granted at home. Something I’ve would never have thought of is where to breastfeed your child while at Disney. As a breastfeeding advocate, I was happy to run across this blog post with some good ideas for taking a break while in the parks to feed your child. Click here to have a look.

A friend posted this picture on Facebook of a sand Woody from her trip to Sea Pines Beach Club in Hilton Head, SC. Thanks Dree!


A fantastic piece of art showcasing two of our favorite Disney related swamp dwellers, Kermit and Yoda, by Peter De Seve. You can check more of his work here.


Some tattooed Disney Princess’ here by Tim Shumate. Link.



Here’s your Disney tattoos this week. Source here and here.




Disney Dispatch

My new column for Disney Dispatch is online here. If you like the shirt, tell Disney…please.

My Daily Disney

Some fun and interesting tidbits from around the internets:

A fantastic interview with a current Magic Kingdom custodian, Kevin. Jeff Heimbuch does a great job.

A new featurette on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides here. And some saucy POTC mermaid shoots here.

And a new X-Men: First Class trailer with new footage here. Great footage so far, am interested in hearing Banshee’s scream however. Havoc, always my fav X-Man, looks cool.

And some more Disney tattoos. More info here:

Mickey Shirt

While working on a new column for the Disney Dispatch, I ran across this Mickey costume t-shirt. Disney only has this one and a Goofy, so of course, I thought I’d design one more. Disney execs, are you watching??

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